Aug 16

Michael Phelps Gets 7th Gold by One Hundredths of a Sec

Michael Phelps delivered an unforgettable race at the Water Cube for the 100 meter butterfly. The audience was barely breathing when he turned for the final 50 meters at 7th place. He then shovel-kicked his way to victory by a hair. Phelps won the gold and broke the world record with a time of 50.58 seconds while Serbian Milorad Cavic got silver with 50.59 seconds.

The American audience was ecstatic when the computer registered the time. It was impossible to tell with the naked eye who won the race. Thus, the Serbians later protested the results which led to FINA reviewing the replay and slowing the final second frame by frame. The video and timing system did confirm that Phelps won the race by an eyelash. Even the Serbians relented after seeing the frame by frame video. The race was so close it seems that the American swimming sensation has God’s attention in the Olympics.

The win puts him one gold away from Olympic history. Sunday’s 4×100 medley relay will decide his fate. The Americans have never lost this event and are favored to win. Over-confidence has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. And God sometimes has a weird sense of humor. Whatever happens now, Phelps has proven that he is a fighter and a winner. The last gold would simply be icing on the cake. Good luck kid!

Here’s a video of the 100 meter butterfly race between Phelps and Cavic. Amazing race!

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