Aug 20

Olympic Boxer Disqualified After Pulling Off a Mike Tyson

Cuban Olympic boxer Dzhakhon Kurbanov was disqualified during his light heavyweight bout with Kazakhstan’s Yerkebulan Shynaliyev. The bout was stopped 17 seconds before the end of the third round when Shynaliyev showed the referee blood on his shoulders. Apparently, Kurbanov bit him during the clinch.

It was good that Evander Holyfield had already left the gymnasium early on and did not witness the incident. I’m sure he did not need to be reminded of his last bout with Mike Tyson when the former champ took a chunk of his ear in 1997.

Shynaliyev, who angrily showed the blood on his shoulder to the referee, led 12-6 at the time. Kurbanov had already received multiple warnings from the referee earlier for shoving and holding his opponent.

It was a bad ending for Kurbanov who got off to an auspicious start in Beijing last week after beating world champion Abbos Atoev in his first bout. He was also the middleweight won champion in the 2005 Asian championships.

This biting thing in boxing should not become a normal event in competition as it may usher in a new trend that could make the sport even more gory than it already is.

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