Aug 29

IPhone Security Flaw Revealed

It turns out that Steve Job’s team botched the security protection of the IPhone. Losing your IPhone or leaving it lying around poses a security risk to users. MacRumors discovered the fault warning IPhone users of the potential risk.

If you think your IPhone data is protected with the passlock code, think again. It seems that Apple just placed the feature in the mobile phone to scare of potential thieves. It’s nothing more than a screen design that can be easily disabled.

While the IPhone is locked, the only thing any user supposedly can do is to dial emergency numbers. However, even with a passlock code, anyone can unlock your IPhone. All they have to do is to double-click the Home key while in the Emergency Call screen and it will be directed to the default Favorites menu. From there, any attacker gets a free-for-all on your email. Clicking a contact’s email address, then cancel from the message screen and he is in. Web browsing can also be accessed through a contact’s URL found through Google Maps. And of course, they can make any call by clicking your contact’s number and adding a call.

Apparently, Apple is already aware of the possible security breach and is currently working on a security patch. Not to worry though. You can easily remedy the flaw by changing the double-click preferences by setting it to an IPhone capability that will not provide thieves with critical information. If you set it to the iPod, all they get are your videos and music. Better yet, set it to the Home screen which will just bring it back to the Passlock Code panel.

For all IPhone users, just try to keep your security risk at minimum levels if possible. Remember to just leave critical information as little as possible in your mobile phone.

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