Aug 29

The IPhone Mystery Girl

An Asian girl working in a factory was found on a new iPhone 3G recently sold to a British customer. The photo generated discussion on the Internet about her identity and her fate. The 3 pictures were posted on the forum of which shows a young Asian girl dressed in a pink striped outfit and a hat. She is wearing white gloves with yellow tips and seems to be working in an assembly line for IPhones. Known in the web as the IPhone Girl, she is seen smiling and making a victory sign as she poses next to an IPhone unit.

The member who posted the photos last week said that the pictures showed up on a new 3G IPhone when the iTunes program was launched.

Reports speculate that the woman works at a factory run by an Apple contractor in Taiwan, Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn spokesman, Liu Kun, confirmed that the girl in the pictures does work for Foxconn. He said workers testing the device may have taken the pictures and forgot to delete them. For those interested about her fate, another official of the company also confirmed that the girl was not fired. She is now dubbed as China’s prettiest factory girl.

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