Sep 01

Gulf Coast Awaits Hurricane Gustav

With the evacuation of 2 million people from the Louisiana Coast complete, everyone holds their breath hoping that Hurricane Gustav will not be another Katrina. After nearly 3 years of rebuilding following Katrina’s blow in the Gulf Coast, residents are bracing themselves hoping that Gustav will not put their efforts in vain as most have already completed fixing their new homes previously damaged.

The storm is set to crash ashore late Monday morning and is reported to have already killed 94 people on its route through the Caribbean. Remembering the 1,600 deaths in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, officials made sure this time that evacuation in South Louisiana leaves no one behind. Looters were threatened to be placed behind bars and residents were assured that anyone left behind will not be rescued.

Though there were still residents who were stubborn enough to stay behind, most just took one look at their homes hoping it would still be the same after Gustav passes.

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