Sep 02

Director Kassovitz Hates His Movie Babylon A.D.

Director of Babylon A.D., Mathieu Kassovitz, feels that the Vin Diesel movie they just finished is nothing more than pure violence and stupidity. He is best known country for his acting in movies like Amelie and Munich and is an award-winning filmmaker in his native France. The last five years he spent working on his dream project, an adaptation of the French sci-fi novel “Babylon Babies,” got a Hollywood studio’s not to co-finance and also got no less than Vin Diesel to headline it. But now that the movie is coming out, he is pretty angry with the results.

In an interview by SciFi Scanner, Kassovitz said he was unhappy with the film because he was never given the chance to do one scene the way it was written or the way he wanted it to be. He claims that he got bad producers and bad partners, making it a terrible experience.

The movie is the story of Toorop (Vin Diesel), a mercenary charged with protecting a genetically altered woman from Eastern Europe to New York. Kassovitz said he was interested in the original book’s message about the changing nature of global politics and redrawing of national borders. However, he now feels the movie doesn’t address any of those themes.

It was a bad experience from the start with production plagued by delays, weather problems, and budgetary concerns. More than anything else, Kassovitz is upset that 20th Century Fox edited down his original cut to a mere 93 minutes. Vin Diesel even jokingly asked if he was still in the movie after all the edits. Kassovitz feels regret that the project he had been looking forward to for so long ended up the way it did because he was not allowed to work the way that he wanted. His exact words were, “I should have chosen a studio that has guts.”

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