Sep 03

True Courage Shown in Republican Convention

With the Republican Convention underway, the memorable highlight of the event at the moment is the video tribute given to Michael Monsoor, a Navy Seal who was previously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service to the Country.

Michael was killed during his service in Ar Ramadi, Iraq when he threw himself over a live grenade to save his platoon. Here we see a true profile of courage with the wonderful tribute narrated somberly by Gary Sinise. However, I find it even more courageous for US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to present this tribute in the Republican Convention.

One of the toughest tests to becoming a Navy Seal is to stay under water for 5 minutes ad hold your breath. This was a test that Michael Monsoor surpassed despite his bout with asthma as a child. To prepare himself, he took on swimming and snowboarding to condition his lungs. Comparatively, Joe Biden received 5 deferments to serve in Vietnam because he was classified 1-Y and disqualified because he had asthma as a teenager. Michael ignored and overcame an excuse he could have given to serve his country. The same condition was used by Biden to sit it out during the Vietnam War. That was what I meant about the courage of Biden to show the video of a young man who might even highlight the controversy about his exclusion from the Vietnam War. Then again, we never know what goes on in the minds of his strategists with the election just a few months away.

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