Sep 05

Beyonce Gains 20 Pounds for Etta James Role

Beyonce had to stuff herself and gain 20 pounds when she took the part of Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records. I was trying to look for a good pic of Beyonce in the movie to see how far she went. The closest pic I got didn’t look bad. She still looked voluptuous and sexy . . . darn it!

According to the sexy singer, gaining weight was so much fun (really?). The irritating part was having to lose it when she landed a role in the psychological thriller Obsessed. She had to go on a strict diet — no junk food, no chips, no candy and nothing fried. No wonder it was hard. Still, she managed to lose it to prepare for the role.

Beyonce also claims she is done being a pop star. Her goal is to be an icon like Diana Ross. It’s a tough act to follow. But with the way her career is moving at the moment, it is a possibility.

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