Sep 06

Sarah Palin Under Fire

If John McCain’s intention in choosing Sarah Palin as running mate in the upcoming US Presidential Elections was to monopolize the limelight, his advisers certainly did a good job. However, news circulating about Palin seems to lean towards controversy rather than good publicity.

Now, newspapers and the blogosphere are buzzing about her previous record as Mayor of Wasilla and Alaskan Governor. Following reports about the teen pregnancy of daughter Bristol, it seems many people are bent on digging more skeletons in her closet.

Sarah Palin now continues to hog headlines with reports saying that she fired local officials during her term in local government and the fiasco involving the construction of a sports complex in her local town. Early in her tenure as mayor, she fired Wasilla’s police chief, finance director, city planner and other department heads explaining that she felt that she didn’t have their support. Anne Kilkenny also confirmed rumors that Palin attempted to dismiss the library director Mary Ellen Emmons after the latter answered her query about banning of books in the local library. Emmons answered firmly that she wil not allow Palin to ban any books from the library. According to Kilkenny, Emmons was only able to keep her job because the residents all rallied behind her.

Another issue that crept to hound Palin is the construction of Wasilla’s new hockey rink and sports complex. Voter’s approved a $15 million bond issue and boosted sales tax to pay off the bonds. However, Palin’s administration did not have legal title to the land. Everything ended up in court with the city paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in interests and legal fees. It put a dent on the city’s reserves and it did happen during her watch.

Palin is known as a leading advocate of ethics reform and is known for being tenacious for whatever she sets her mind to. With all these controversies cropping up, is she really a persistent reformist having bad luck or is it a mask she wears?

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