Sep 07

Sarah Palin and Her Lookalike Tina Fey

Sarah Palin’s spark still continues as the web buzzes about the controversies that McCain’s running mate seems to have ignited. Following the teen pregnancy of her daughter and her questionable decisions while in local government, people are even talking about her celeb lookalike, Tina Fey. Here is the premonitory cover of Life Magazine with McCain and Fey way back in 2004.

Tina Fey is an Emmy award-winning writer, commedienne, actress, and producer. She is best known for her work in Saturday Night Live (SNL) and in 30 Rock. 30 Rock is a situation comedy based on her experiences at SNL since she entered the project in 1997 and became head writer in 1999. She became a member of the cast in 2000 and left the show in 1996. After her stint in SNL, she created her own TV series, 30 Rock and portrays the role of Liz Lemon.

According to reports, McCain met Fey way before he decided to take Palin as VP running mate. Some are speculating that his choice may have been affected after meeting Fey when he guest-hosted in SNL years ago. Did Palin remind him of someone? Anyway, though it is expected that Palin will be spoofed endlessly, it is unlikely that Fey will return to SNL to do the stint. SNL will likely find another lookalike to do the job.

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