Sep 07

XBox 360 Now Cheapest Game Console

Still trying to save up to buy that new game console? You may have to check the balance in your savings now — the Xbox 360 just cut its price on the entire line with the Arcade edition now as low as $199. This makes it cheaper by $50 than the Wii.

The Xbox 360’s Arcade has the lowest specs of the three Xbox 360 models currently available. It includes a wired controller and a 256 MB memory card rather than the hard drives found on higher-priced bundles. It seems that Microsoft is targeting the Wii’s market share while stock shortages still hound potential Wii buyers. The possibility to overtake the Wii in market share may have moved a notch higher considering that the Xbox 360 has increased its selections on family-friendly games and is planning overhaul to its interface that will make the dashboard more user-friendly.

Other Xbox 360 bundles received comparable price cuts with the Premium edition (which includes a 60 GB hard drive) at $299, and the Elite (with a 120 GB hard drive and a matte black finish) at $399.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 continues to be the most expensive game console with the cheapest system in its range retailing at $399. I guess the PS3 still prides itself as being the best console in the market in terms of specs and game quality. With Blu Ray now expected to be the leader in HD formats, especially using hight-quality parts like, you can still say that the PS3 outranks both the Xbox 360 and the Wii in terms of value. With the PS3, you still have a high quality game console together with a Blu Ray disc player. Nothing still beats watching a movie in a Blu Ray disc on your HD television. The quality and experience is still no match to other formats. Despite the price and its market share, my vote still goes to the PS3. It is still the better choice.

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