Sep 09

Tommy Lee Jones Sues Makers of No Country For Old Men for $10 Million

Oscar-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount Pictures, makers of “No Country for Old Men,” for more than $10 million. He claims that they owe him for starring in the 2007 crime thriller. The lawsuit claims that the production company promised “significant box-office bonuses” and other compensation depending on the success of the film. The movie went on to make more than $160 million.

The movie is based on the critically acclaimed Cormac McCarthy novel and garnered four Academy Awards, including “Best Picture.” The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Bexar County in San Antonio. Aside from Paramount, its subsidiary, N.M. Classics, Inc., was also named in the lawsuit.

Jones played Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the film and claims he was not paid the agreed bonuses and even had expenses wrongly deducted from his upfront fee. His contract also had known errors but were not corrected before the movie was made. Jones is asking that an auditor be named to review financial records to determine how much he deserves based on the promised bonus and the revenues earned by the movie.

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