Sep 11

Quantum of Solace: The New James Bond Movie

It’s number 22 in the Bond series and still appears to be going strong despite the constant change in actors playing the part. The difference of Quantum of Solace from other Bond movies is that it immediately picks up from where Casino Royale left off. This time, Bond seeks revenge for the death of his love interest. When did James Bond start to fall in love anyway?

In this new movie, Bond tries to get back at Quantum — the group behind Le Chiffre’s operation which he foiled in the last movie. If you recall, Bond planned to retire after their success in Casino Royale and spend his days with Vesper Lynd, the Treasury agent he fell in love with. Unfortunately, Lynd was blackmailed by Quantum and was killed. Now, Bond is determined to get his revenge and find Mr. White. Mr. White was the only clue he received from Lynd about the identity of Quantum.

In Quantum of Solace, Bond meets another female agent named Camille who is similarly pursuing Quantum. Will she be Bond’s solace? I think we all have a good idea what the answer is. Watch the trailer below that will give you a sneak peek on the upcoming movie.

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