Sep 12

Palin’s Take on the Bush Doctrine

Sarah Palin’s first interview as the Republican Candidate for the Vice Presidency turned out unfavorably as she grapples with her answer to the question of ABC’s Charlie Gibson. When asked about her position on the Bush Doctrine, it was apparent that she had no idea what it was and tried desperately to get Gibson tell her what it was.

Gibson tried giving her bits and pieces of info which led her to give vague answers. Palin ended up giving ambiguous perspectives which highlights even more her ignorance about the Bush Doctrine. Initial statements seemed to point that she agreed with it as she blurted out general statements about America’s battle against Islamic extremism. When she finally discovered from Gibson exactly what was controversial about the Bush Doctrine, her answers shifted to another position, seemingly disagreeing with it. Regardless of her actual opinion on the Bush Doctrine, what was glaring was her ignorance on the matter.

The Bush Doctrine was controversial because it shifted America’s defense policy radically. The US previously adopted preemptive war — the right to attack when there is credible evidence that an attack on the US is imminent. The Bush Doctrine changed preemptive war to preventive war when President Bush explained that waiting for threats to materialize would be waiting too long. Instead of credible evidence of an attack, the mere possibility of an attack is enough to launch an offensive against the “possible enemy.”

Well, let’s give Palin some slack since it was her first interview. Problem is, November is just around the corner. Voters may forgive inexperience, but ignorance is another matter altogether.

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