Sep 13

Phelps Hosts Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live

After making history in the Beijing Olympics about a month ago, Michael Phelps steps out of the pool and agrees to host the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. He will be on the same stage his comedy idol Chris Farley once made people laugh. His record-setting eight gold medals in China has earned him the spotlight and the hosting stint. He also continues to make the rounds on TV shows, presenting at the MTV awards, and of course making the headlines on tabloids.

He claims to be more nervous about the show than he was while on the starting block at the Water Cube in Beijing. However, it is a new experience that he looks forward to and one he hopes to enjoy. The spot at SNL has also earned him his teammates envy like Lochte who plans to tease him and make fun of him before the show.

Phelps believes there will be a sketch about him but has no idea who will play his part. Other sketches on the 90-minute show will also involve his mom, his swimsuit, and his gold medals. He knows that they will take advantage of almost every topic possible.

He laughed when it was suggested that he will take off his shirt to to show his rock-hard abs. He says that if it happens, it happens. It’s not bad as long as it’s all done in good fun. Though he is nervous, he only has this to say — “No matter what happens they can’t take those medals away.”

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