Sep 16

Jill Greenberg Admits to Deliberate Manipulation of McCain Photos

Photographer Jill Greenberg admits to have deliberately taken and manipulated photos of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain to make him look evil when she was hired by The Atlantic. She even claims that it was irresponsible for The Atlantic to hire her considering her political alliance. A simple Google search would have revealed that she was hard core democrat.

Aside from the official photographs, Greenberg also asked McCain to pose with a strobe light below him which shows a diabolical effect similar to horror movies. Outtakes from the shoot were also dressed up by Greenberg and published in her website, Though the October issue of The Atlantic will not use the bad photos, the possibility that The Atlantic colluded with Greenberg may be a matter of opinion. Apparently, the owner of The Atlantic is the husband of Katherine Brittain Bradley, a supporter of Barack Obama. This led many to believe that The Atlantic deliberately hired Greenberg.

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