Sep 17

Ellen DeGeneres is the New Face of Covergirl

It is interesting how the face of advertising has been changing lately. Gone are the days of the perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect women. These days, fashion and cosmetic companies realize that women want real women representing products to help them in deciding which ones are honest enough to offer what they need. Now, we see ugly models or those who don’t have hourglass figures in billboards and magazines. The newest non-traditional model to grace magazines is Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous faces in television today. Ellen is a self-confessed lesbian who just recently married her partner, Portia de Rossi, and proudly shared their special moment with the world.

Ellen DeGeneres is the new face of Covergirl which she confirmed in Tuesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show. While the launch is still months away, Covergirl is already promoting the launch in their website — giving its customers a hint of how the company is now moving towards the new age in advertising. Judging from the initial reception the news was received, it appears like Covergirl has done a great move. However, the actual impact will only be seen when sales come in after the launch in January. What do you think? Will you patronize a beauty product supported by Ellen? Let’s wait and see.

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