Sep 26

Beware of Melamine-Contaminated Food from China (unofficial list included)

Following reports that pet food had been recalled due to melamine contamination, the latest report has consumers panicking as they try to determine which ones are safe for their family. Considering that a large amount of products now come from China and have been patronized due to their low price, alarms have now been raised with news circulating that melamine has also tainted milk formula from China which has made thousands of children ill.

Food experts believe that it may have been part of China’s food chain for a long time now. To date, 53,000 infants have gotten sick after drinking formula milk deliberately contaminated with melamine. Four babies have died, 13,000 have been hospitalized, and 104 are currently in a critical condition with kidney stones caused by the adulterant.

Apparently, baby formula milk requires high protein content and producers are able to cheat on this regulation by mixing it with melamine powder. However, the list of contaminated food is not limited to just baby formula. Even meat products can be contaminated if the food fed to these animals were likewise tainted with melamine. It can also be absorbed by plants if the pesticide used contains cyromazine, a derivative of melamine, which is commonly used in China as a pesticide.

Though effects are not verified yet, experts say that melamine cause kidney stones and other kidney problems. It is still uncertain what the long term effects are. While kidney stones can be removed easily, melamine may cause other damage when it crystallizes and blocks the small tubes in the kidney that filter blood.

Following are the products that are suspected for possible melamine contamination:

  1. Bairong Grape Cream Crackers
  2. Dove Hazelnut Almond & Raisin Chocolate
  3. Dove Hazelnut Chocolate
  4. Dove Milk Chocolate
  5. Dreyers Rocky Road Ice Cream
  6. Dreyers Strawberry Ice Cream
  7. Dreyers Toast Almond Ice Cream
  8. Dreyers Chocolate Cake Ice Cream
  9. Dreyers Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
  10. Dreyers Mint Chip Ice Cream
  11. Dreyers Vanilla Ice Cream
  12. Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk Lf Banana
  13. Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk Lf Plain
  14. Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk Lf Chocolate
  15. Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk Lf Strawberry
  16. Dutch Lady Sterilized Milk Lf Honeydew
  17. First Choice Calcium Sesame Crackers
  18. First Choice Calcium Saltine Crackers
  19. First Choice Calcium Onion Crackers
  20. First Choice Calcium Seaweed Crackers
  21. Ginbis Party Animal Butter Biscuits
  22. Ginbis Party Animal Seaweed Biscuits
  23. Ginbis Party Animal Cnut
  24. Ginbis Animal Biscuit
  25. Koala Cocoa Biscuit
  26. Kraft Oreo Wafer Sticks 18s
  27. Kraft Oreo Wafer Sticks 5s
  28. Kraft Oreo Wafer Stick White Chocolate 18s
  29. Kraft Oreo Wafer Stick White Chocoolate 5s
  30. Lotte Koala Cocoa Funpack
  31. M&M Chocolate Plain
  32. M&M Chocolate Peanut
  33. M&M Funsize Milk
  34. M&M Funsize Peanut
  35. Meiji Ujikintoki
  36. Meiji Umakabo Chocolate
  37. Meiji Family Pack-Green Tea
  38. Meiji Chestnut & Redbean
  39. Mentos Bottle Yoghurt Promo Pk
  40. Mentos Bottle Yoghurt
  41. Monmilk Breakfast Milk Malt 6s
  42. Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut 6s
  43. Monmilk Chocolate Milk 6s
  44. Monmilk Coffee Milk 6s
  45. Monmilk Pure Milk 6s
  46. Monmilk Hi Cal Milk 6s
  47. Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 6s
  48. Monmilk Milk Deluxe 12s
  49. Nabisco In A Biskit Chicken
  50. Nestle Nes D/Stick Mini Vanilla
  51. Nestle Nes Distick Mini Choco
  52. Nestle Milk & Berry Stars Cereal
  53. No Frills Wafer Blueberry
  54. No Frills Wafer Chocolate
  55. No Frills Wafer Peanut
  56. Orion Fresh Pie
  57. Orion Tiramisu
  58. Pei Tian Cream Biscuit
  59. Rabbit Milk Sweet
  60. Silang Natural Oat Cracker
  61. Snickers Candies Funsize
  62. Snickers Peanut Chocolate
  63. Snickers Snacksize Bars Peanut
  64. Take One Baby Bites 24s
  65. Take One Baby Bite Ck Vg
  66. Take One Baby Bite Carrot
  67. Vitasoy Q Soya Milk
  68. Vitasoy Chocolate Milk
  69. Vitasoy Melon Soya Milk
  70. Wall’s All Natural Mango
  71. Wall’s Mini Cornetto Ice Cream
  72. Wall’s Mini Poppers Ice Cream
  73. Wall’s Magnum Ice Cream
  74. Wall’s Moo Sandwich Ice Cream
  75. Want Want Milk Candy
  76. Want Want Flavoured Milk
  77. White Rabbit chewy candy
  78. Yili Pure Milk 1L
  79. Yili Hi Cal Milk 1L
  80. Yili Hi Cal Milk 6s
  81. Yili Hi Cal Lo Fat Milk 1L
  82. Youcan Unusual Multipack
  83. Youcan Strawberry Multipack
  84. Youcan Traditional Sesame Multipack
  85. Youcan Passion Multipack
  86. Youcan Masterbean Multipack
  87. Youcan Silk Sliced And Passion Strawberry
  88. Pei Tian Cream Biscuit

* Jolly Cow Milk and Cadbury Chocolates from China were not formally included in the list, but were voluntarily taken off the shelves by manufacturers and retailers to avert any possible health risk to consumers.

Note that the above list is not verified considering that health officials refuse to give a formal list of products. However, the source of the list even includes product codes which I only omitted. Pass this article on to your friends and family here and abroad. Even with reports still unverified, we should stay on the side of caution and protect our family, especially the children, from the health risks that these unscrupulous manufacturers are distributing around the world.

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  1. edwards1a says:

    why are we even buying from china?????especially after the last scare….come on people…open your eyes these are your families that are effected….STOP BUYING FROM CHINA!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    hey edward good point. problem is, china is very attractive to multinational companies as their site for manufacturing these branded goods because of very cheap production inputs such as raw materials and of course, labor. china has an inescapable presence in our lives, thats good for them, and bad for us… just think of one item right now, and rest assured that China will always have their own, cheaper version… anyways, with this milk scare, i hope everyone be a little more vigilant with the goods they buy and avoid China-made products for the time being (or for good, if you can afford it)…

  3. Robbie Sheik says:


    I purchase a generic line of products,(Master Choice),from a national grocery chain named Food Basics…Included is a coffee whitener that reads,”Product of USA” but the barcode number is 69200 24500,which means made in China,(692),please beware.

  4. faith says:

    Thanks for the warning Robbie.

  5. andreaa says:

    hey guys!
    i just bought M&M’s &…consumed about, half the bag.
    and it says its from canada
    also, the bar code is 0 58496 83018
    is that…okay ?
    cuhz im scared to death right now.


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