Sep 28

Paul Newman Dies at 83

Legendary actor Paul Newman died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 83. He died Friday at his farmhouse near Westport, surrounded by family and close friends. Newman is best known for his roles in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “The Sting,” and his award-winning portrayal of pool shark “Fast” Eddie Felson in “The Color of Money.”

Beyond his roles in Hollywood, Newman’s generosity encompasses his fame as he gave millions of dollars to charity through his food company and the setting up of camps for severely ill children. Shunning the spotlight, the actor has always been reluctant to give interviews and refuses to sign autographs, finding the act quite offensive. Aside from acting, directing, and producing movies, car racing is another passion that he turned to in order to get away from the rubbish of Hollywood. He turned professional in 1977 and his driving team made headway in several major races which include 5th place in Daytona in 1977 and 2nd place in the Le Mans in 1979.

Another oddity about the actor is his enduring marriage with Joanne Woodward. When asked if he had ever thought of going astray, he merely says, “I have steak at home. Why go out for hamburger?” Newman is survived by his wife, 5 children, 2 grandsons, and his older brother Arthur.

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