Oct 01

Magnetic Air Car: The Better Future for Transportation

As fuel costs remains high, the upside is that the world now realizes how important it is to find an alternative source of energy. Once again, mankind’s ingenuity is put to the test and many are rising to the challenge. Not only are alternative sources now being researched, but they are also ensuring that this new source would likewise be the solution to the world’s environmental dilemma.

The newest innovation launched in West Coast Green, an environmentally-focused conference with an emphasis on sustainable building at San Jose, is the Magnetic Air Car. A silicon salt battery, which has 30% more mass power than a lead acid battery and can charge completely in an hour, starts a magnetic motor that drives a small on-board air compressor. The airflow is turbocharged and multiplied to where the resulting horse-power smoothly powers the car. The idea is based on technology developed in 1932 by J.M. Custer.

Other air cars being developed in India and Korea use traditional pistons. They use compressed air to drive a piston and can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours to fill. One French design can only drive a distance of about 160 kilometers (100 miles) before the air tanks need to be refilled. Filling their air tanks also consume energy. These designs are considered inefficient and a waste of mechanical energy.

The magnetic air car’s design is targeted for further use in the future in SUVs or even planes. The vehicle is expected to be ready by 2010, and hopefully sooner, to solve the current energy crisis.

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