Oct 11

New Trailer of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight

What cuts Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series above the rest? It’s just another sappy love story about teenagers. And a vampire falling in love with a mortal isn’t new. Buffy and Angel were the first ill-fated lovers in this genre. Other stories have followed suit — isn’t this the same plot of the new TV series True Blood?

Just when I thought I have given up on love stories, along came Twilight. Maybe no matter how hard we deny it, we still crave for undying love stories that we know can’t be real. If we can’t have it in our lives, we probably settle for reading it in a book or watching the movie. Having someone cough out lines like, “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe,” “You are my life now,” or “I’d rather die than stay away from you,” reminds us of something most of us have given up looking for. Of course, blend this with the mystic and sexy nature of vampires and the thrill of a “love that cannot be” and you’ve got yourself a bestseller and a blockbuster.

Here is the new Twilight Trailer that got cyberspace buzzing yesterday before its official release. Enjoy it while waiting for the official movie release on November 21.

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