Oct 17

Is it Obama or McCain?

As the final moments of the US Presidential debate ticked, America watched closely hoping that somewhere they will find a sign that would point them in the right direction. Who is the right one for the job? With the economy in chaos, there seems to be no room for error as the US scrambles to get back on its feet, trying desperately to avoid a repeat of the 1929 Depression. Never has a presidential election been more crucial than this moment. And never has there been such pressure on candidates trying to give the right answer to the American people.

The final debate was McCain’s last chance to recover some ground after seemingly losing in the previous two. Though he has improved dramatically, Obama still remained composed and confident despite looking uninterested and bored. McCain was more aggressive and kept throwing the sink and the plumber, Joe, that Obama talked to about taxes in a recent campaign. He made more headway and seemed more in command as he continued to batter Obama.

On the other hand, Obama’s worst traits showed as he appeared non-chalant and less aggressive. With his success in the last debates, the Democratic candidate was lax and failed to hit his opponent as often as he should have. This time around, it was Obama who gave broad statements with unclear answers. Still, intelligence and knowledge was clearly Obama’s strongest points. The only setback in the last debate is that he appeared to lack determination.

With only a few weeks to go, has America made its decision? Is it clear who among these two candidates will be the hero to save the nation battered by incumbent President George Bush? America only has 2 weeks to find the right answer. Let’s hope they are not just crossing their fingers or playing spin-a-bottle to get their answer.

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