Oct 18

Who will “Joe the Plumber” Vote For?

In the last Presidential debate, instead of two candidates repeatedly talking about the merits of their respective platforms, the impact of their plans were brought to the spotlight as discussions focused on “Joe the Plumber.” Who is Joe the Plumber? He is Joe Wurzelbacher, a middle-class American from Ohio who has been working as a plumber for 15 years.

How did Wurzelbacher figure into the Presidential debate? During one of Obama’s campaigns near Toledo, a bald man with a goatee confronted the senator about his tax programs. Wurzelbacher informed the senator that he was preparing to purchase a company that makes between $250,00 to $280,000 a year. He confirmed with the senator if the circumstance would get him taxed more under his tax policies. Obama admitted that it would likely be the case. Wurzelbacher offered that a flat tax may be a more suitable measure than those that the senator proposes. However, Obama defended his policies and explained the tax incentives that he will likewise propose for businesses. Then both parted ways after shaking hands.

During the last Presidential debate, John McCain raised the incident about Joe the Plumber to highlight how Obama’s proposed tax policies would hurt small businesses. Thereafter, Joe has become part of the election circus, representing middle-class Americans and small businesses. He has become a favorite of the anti-Obama camps. He was tracked down by the Associated Press but declined to tell people who he would vote for.

According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, calculations show that less than 700,000 taxpayers will be paying higher taxes under Obama’s plan. And some of these aren’t even small businesses. These would include lawyers, accountants, and investors whose income puts them in the top tax bracket. As Obama mentioned, statistics prove that 98% of small businesses make less than $250,000. Now, Joe speaks his mind right after the debate. Watch the video here.

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