Oct 23

Bidding War Erupts Over Joe the Plumber Domain

After being part of a heated discussion between the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees in the last debate, “Joe the Plumber” has become a household name.  The real “Joe the Plumber,” Sam Wurzelbacher, is now on the spotlight, subject of several TV interviews and his videos all over the net.  However, another “Joe the Plumber” seems to be reaping the harvest.  Joe Francis owns www.joetheplumber.com and web traffic in his site surged unexpectedly the last few days as more people tried to find out about “Joe the Plumber.”

Joe Francis is known as “The Friendliest Plumber in Town.”  Not only did his website receive so much traffic, but his office was also flooded with calls.  He was on a hunting trip when he found out that a bidding war had started over his domain.  He may soon be a rich plumber if he takes the $800,000 bid one man offered for his domain.  People even want shirts bearing his company logo.  He is one lucky businessman.  The real Joe the Plumber is set to appear in numerous talk shows in the coming days as more and more people are interested about his income tax discussion with Barack Obama.  As the election draws closer, it is certain that Joe the Plumber will continue to be the hottest sensation in town.  Choosing your domain really can be a stroke of fate.

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