Oct 23

T-Mobile G1: Just Another IPhone Wannabe?

The T-Mobile G1 just shipped and some are actually excited about it. It’s the touchscreen competitor of the IPhone which is touted to be the IPhone Killer. Really now? Based on the initial look of the cellphone, I don’t feel so hot about it. I will try to summarize most of its salient features in comparison to Apple’s IPhone.

It’s the first mobile phone to use the much-awaited Android OS with touchscreen features. However, it’s not multi-touchscreen like the IPhone which is a real disappointment, not to mention its lack of virtual keyboard. Though they expect third-party developers to develop an application for this, it’s a bit of a disadvantage to rely on other developers to improve a gadget’s features. It also doesn’t have a video player and recorder — again they are relying on developers to come up with an application for this feature.

What really doesn’t work for me with the G1 is the QWERTY keyboard underneath the display. In order to input any text or email, you would have to slide the display, and we’re talking about a gadget that’s almost as big as a netbook to send messages with. That’s a handful considering that we are talking about a mobile phone here. And it also doesn’t have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack — go figure.

It’s biggest strengths are the web browser, built-in GPS, and 3G reception. But then again, the same features in the IPhone 3G are just as good. The music player is nowhere near as cool as the IPhone. The screen transitions doesn’t dance and slide the way the IPhone does it. It doesn’t have an accelerometer too — you would have to tap the menu to turn the view to landscape. Call quality is good, but so does hundreds of mobile phones in the market.

Let’s not get into more details now. In summary, much of the G1’s potential capabilities depend a lot on applications that they expect developers to create. The Android Market is nowhere near the Apple Store’s inventory, though they also expect it to fill up soon. Well, if you ask me, I’d rather wait for the soon part to get this one.

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