Oct 27

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Murdered

Just weeks after Jennifer Hudson’s engagement to David Otunga, fate seems to have ways to evening out the odds for us. At a time when everything seems perfect for the Dreamgirl, her debut album her recent movie just released, tragedy strikes when least expected. Hudson’s brother Jason and her mom, Darnell Donerson, were found dead in her mother’s Chicago home Friday afternoon. Her sister, Julia, found their mother dead in the living room floor from a shotgun blast. When police arrived, they found Jason upstairs. Hudson’s 7-year old nephew, Julian King, was missing.

Police suspect that Julian was abducted by the murderer who took off with Jason’s vehicle. The suspect, William Balfour, was taken into police custody. Balfour is the estranged husband of Julia but is not the biological father of Julian. However, he refuses to cooperate and provide information to authorities.

Jennifer flew home immediately to join her family but still refuses to make any statement. Like the rest of the family, she is still in shock. Her sister Julia has made a public plea for the return of her son Julian. The FBI is already involved in the hunt for the missing child in the event the abductor crossed state lines to hide him.

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