Oct 28

Jennifer Hudson Nephew, Julian King, Found Dead

Julian King, Jennifer Hudson’s missing nephew, was confirmed dead after the stolen SUV was discovered in the the West Side of Chicago. Following the shooting of Hudson’s brother and mother Friday in their home, an amber alert was issued for the missing 7-year old Julian who was suspected to be abducted by the killer together with the family’s missing white SUV.

The white SUV was discovered by the couple John and Lynette Loudon while taking their dog for a walk. The dog kept barking at the vehicle which prompted Loudon to check the vehicle and take the license plate number. When they saw that the plate was a match with the missing vehicle, they called 911. Police found the body of a black boy dead inside but held off confirmation that it was Julian until it was properly identified. Hudson earlier issued a $100,000 reward earlier for the return of her nephew. Apparently, her offer was offered in vain since neighbors claim to have seen the vehicle on the spot as early as Saturday.

My heart goes out to Julian’s mother. In a country where milk carton kids are increasing by the thousands, the problem goes deeper than the financial crisis it currently faces. It will take more than the intellectual brilliance of an Obama or the experience of a McCain to find a solution to this growing issue. To my brother and my sister-in-law and all those parents out there, continue to keep a close watch on the kids.

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