Oct 29

Support Hayden Panettiere’s Cause

The invincible cheerleader from the hit TV series Heroes, Hayden Panettiere, is requesting public support for The Whaleman Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting dolphins, whales, and their ocean habitat. The 19-year old actress previously made headlines when she paddled to a cove in Taiji, Wakamaya, Japan, risking her life, to protest the hunting of dolphins. The incident raised public awareness about the plight of the sea creatures in the area.

After one year, she now intends to go further from awareness into action. Partnering with Socialvibe, she is now helping The Whaleman Foundation raise funds for their cause. Hayden’s objective is to get one million signatures on the petition which will be personally delivered to the International Whaling Commission next June. Supporters can visit Socialvibe and download Socialvibe badges to their social networking pages or websites. They can also sign an exclusive online petition calling for the protection of these endangered sea creatures.

Not bad for a 19-year old. Supporting environmental causes is better than going to the mall shopping or bar hopping. This time the cheerleader wants to save the world. Watch her video here.

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