Nov 01

Obama Expects Landslide Win, McCain Predicts Upset

With just 3 days to go before the US Presidential Elections, things are beginning to heat up even more. Barack Obama and John McCain make last-ditch efforts to convince the American people that they will make the difference. Both candidates are out desperately seeking to discredit his opponent. Obama continues to reiterate McCain’s ties with Pres. George W. Bush while McCain insists that Obama is too liberal and far left.

Obama currently leads all media and other surveys by a good margin and as he campaigned for earlier voting, the large number of early voters may have voted in his favor. In the last few days, the Democrat is moving into States that voted Republican, hoping to gain more ground over his opponent. On the other hand, McCain believes he can still deliver an upset considering Obama’s liberal policies that some Americans find too aggressive. With 1 in 7 voters still undecided, McCain believes gaining their preference would give him the needed push to win on November 4.

Though Republicans expressed concern over the early voting trends, many still believe that McCain has a fighting chance. Even California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a McCain supporter, admitted that it would take a major struggle for the Republicans to win. However, McCain has delivered upsets before and he can do it again.

What do you think? Is it just a few days away before the change in America? Or will the Republicans be given a chance at redemption?

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