Nov 04

Where Do I Vote and Who Do I Vote For

There are only 2 questions in the minds of millions of Americans today. Where do I vote? Who do I vote for? The latter is the more complicated question that hopefully majority have already answered days ago. But there are still a few who have not made up their mind. With so many issues and a lot at stake on this small question, there are also those who refuse to to put the fate of the most powerful nation in the world in their hands. If the wrong guy wins, you will always have the liberty to say, “I knew he was the wrong man for the job.” However, analysts predict that tomorrow’s election will be one of the biggest voter turnout in the history of the USA elections.

Have you decided? Do you think a young man is the change that America needs? Or is it better not to take a chance and let the old guys keep the reins? Regardless of your choice, nobody can question this right and what is more important is letting your voice be heard. In previous elections, many Americans have neglected this right and responsibility, allowing only a few to decide the nation’s fate. Now, with the current financial crisis, it seems a collective consciousness has awoken, as if from a bad dream. Many now realize how important the job is.

Let your voice be heard and cast your vote. For those who are confused or want to be certain they are going to the right place to vote, click HERE and just enter your zip code or the county you reside in. Vote wisely and allow your conscience and wisdom make the decision. Remember to close your eyes and forget looks, age, and color. Keep in mind the candidates’ beliefs. What do you believe in?

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