Nov 05

Barack Obama is 44th President of the United States of America

The people of the United States of America has decided. Majority want the change that America needs. Barack Obama has won the 2008 US Presidential Elections, edging out Republican nominee John McCain after getting 338 electoral votes versus McCain’s 141 at 11 pm. Obama is the first African American president in the history of the US. With the economy in turmoil, it is apparent that people believe Barack Obama can bring the country back to on its feet and repair the chaos they believe incumbent President George W. Bush has brought the nation.

Even prior to party nominations, analysts predicted that the Democratic Nominee will win the Presidential seat in view of the reputation that Pres. George W. Bush has gained in his last term. As such, the fight for the Democratic nomination had more following as many believe it is virtually the fight for the leadership of the USA. Barack Obama won over Hillary Clinton in a close margin for the Democratic nomination and chose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate despite strong opinion that having Hillary Clinton run alongside him would assure the party of getting the White House. On the other hand, Senator John McCain won the Republican primaries and chose Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to swing the female votes of Hillary Clinton in their favor. Choosing Palin as his running mate was a controversial move following negative reports that came out after she was chosen.

Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the President and Vice President on 20 January 2009 when the term of incumbent President George W. Bush ends. It is sad to think that Obama’s grandmother, “Toot,” died one day before her grandson was elected as one of the most powerful leaders in the world. Obama was raised by his mother and grandmother after his Kenyan father left when he was only 2 years old.

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama. Let the change that America needs begin.

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