Nov 06

First Lady Elect Michelle Obama’s Fashion Sense

While everyone listened intently to President Elect Barack Obama last night at Chicago Grant Park, there is no denying that another person the audience eagerly awaits is First Lady Elect Michelle Obama.  During the campaign period, she has caught the eyes of the nation, particularly due to her strong character, and of course, her eye-catching clothes. When she joined her husband on the stage to greet the audience, she wore a red and black Narciso Rodriguez original.  They say a good dress is one that some either hate while some absolutely love.  There were fashion analysts who did not approve of her choice, while some do agree that it has character.  Personally, I like its simple elegance.  It suits a woman of strength and character like the future First Lady.

Michelle Obama’s fashion statement has become a conversation piece for women nationwide since she started helping her husband during the campaign.  Every woman who saw her on The View could not forget that black and white printed dress.  Every woman wanted the $148-dress that she wore with so much grace and pizzazz.  The next day, it was flying off the racks at White House/Black Market boutique.   Men likewise noticed how stunning she looked during the show.

Now, it appears that a Michelle Obama dress watch will be around for a while.  Good luck to the future First Lady.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Hi Faith!

    I’ve just created a blog that will be the headquarters for my campaign to design a dress for First Lady Michelle Obama. The idea is to do a media campaign and generate enough buzz that Mrs. Obama discovers who I am and what I would like to do.

    The blog was just created but it does have some designs for Michelle’s Inaugural Ball gown and you can vote on your favorite. I would really appreciate your mentioning me on your blog. Can you help?


  2. faith says:

    Sure Tonya. Give me time and I will make a piece about your blog. Being just a part-time blogger, I have to juggle most of my tasks. But I do get around to completing all my goals eventually. Btw, you forgot to mention the name of your blog. Just leave it here so I can check on it again.

    Good luck on your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Hope you keep on visiting.


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