Nov 07

Kate Winslet Vanity Fair Pics Airbrushed?

Kate Winslet dared to bare a little more skin in the current issue of Vanity Fair.  And it has sparked another “photoshop” controversy.  Her photo spread looked fantastic which led the UK Daily Mail to hire an airbrush expert, Chris Bickmore, to examine the photos.  Bickmore opined that her faced lacked details which is unnatural. There were no eyebags, wrinkles, nor blemishes.  He likewise stated that the most apparent modifications were on her hands and feet — there were no wrinkles, lines nor any veins.  He also believes that her bottom was rounded off to look perfect and her thighs were made to look more firm and even-toned.

Howe ver, Winslet’s rep denied allegations of major repairs on the photos.  The spokesperson claims that Winslet is in terrific shape and no major digital enhancements were made on the pictures.  Vanity Fair confirms that there were no major alterations done, just some smoothening of the skin and removal of blemishes.  They insist that no changes were made on the shape of her body. We’ve heard that one before.

This is not the first time that Winslet has been the center of a photoshop controversy. She apologized to fans in 2003 when GQ overdid alterations on her photo. She didn’t want fans to think she lost that much weight and claimed she doesn’t want to look that thin. Winslet has always been outspoken about her disgust over the unrealistic standards that media has placed on women with their perfect representations of models and actresses.

Judging by the pictures, what do you think? Is this the real Kate Winslet or not?

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