Nov 08

Jim in Ghost Whisperer Dies

There were rumors swirling around that Melinda’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) perfect husband Jim (David Conrad) in Ghost Whisperer will die this season. In an interview by TV Guide, Conrad hinted that something big and new will happen to Jim. He claims that Jim will see things in a whole new light. This revelation led many to believe that he will join the land of the dead and will support and help his wife on this side of the fence.

Jim will indeed die in the upcoming episode of Ghost Whisperer, leaving Melinda’s life in utter despair. As expected, he promises never to leave his wife’s side. Nevertheless, Conrad is relieved that he will be playing a role now that does something. It can get pretty boring just being the husband who doesn’t see anything or do anything really significant. Now, he finally discovers how things work in the world of the dead. In this episode, Melinda meets a teen ghost who claims she might have helped in Jim’s death.

For hopeless romantics who find the couple quite a relief from marriage imperfections in the real world, it is bad news. Hopefully, this new twist will keep Ghost Whisperer up and still on air.

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