Nov 10

Adrienne Bailon Nude Pics Stolen From Her Laptop

Rumors have it that Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon had practically-nude pics stolen from her laptop.   Acccording to TMZ, Bailon’s laptop was stolen from her at the JFK airport back in October.  She did file a report with the Port Authority when she discovered it was missing from her bell cart.  However, her record label apparently received an anonymous phone call asking for $1000 for the laptops return.  They had given in and met the extortionist at the JFK and retrieved her laptop.

Unfortunately, everything was in one piece except for semi-nude photos she allegedly had taken as an anniversary gift for her boyfriend Bob Kardashian.  Sources say that the thief is now selling the pics to the highest bidder in the internet.  These reports remain unconfirmed as Bailon’s rep still had not returned calls.  Do we have another Disney star nude pic roaming around?

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