Nov 11

Gruesome Whale Massacre in the Faroe Islands, Denmark

It is surprising that at this day and age, there is still evidence that humans are still the most vicious of all animal species. While predators such as lions or great white sharks kill other animals, these are done instinctively for the purpose of survival. They do not choose specific animals to feed on, nor do they do it for rituals or cultural traditions. And they do not kill for sport, only humans do.

In the Faroe Islands (Denmark), a tradition that has caused controversy is their traditional whale hunts or the “grindadrĂ¡p” in Faroese. It has been a tradition by their ancestors since the tenth century to hunt and kill long-finned pilot whales. It is a non-commercial activity where most of the community participate. Hunters surround the pilot whales with a semi-circle of boats and drive them into a bay where they are slaughtered. According to Faroese, the hunt is an important part of their culture and history. However, pictures and videos of the hunt paint a different picture of this tradition.

Long-finned pilot whales are part of the dolphin family and they are protected species in the US. However, they are classified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as “Low Risk Least Concern” among animal species. Pilot whales are very social creatures and usually travel in large groups of up to 200. This is the reason they have been targets of whalers because they can be driven and herded together in groups.

While Faroese whale hunters have been the subject of scrutiny by environmental groups and organizations that protect animals, they defend themselves by saying that this tradition also provides them food for the winter. Whale meat taken from the hunt is never sold, but instead divided among the community. They also defend themselves by claiming that the pilot whales are not an endangered species and that their kill is even more humane than those done to cattle or pigs which are kept in captivity until their slaughter. Though there is still no definite answer on the impact of the hunt to the pilot whale population, animal-activists believe that the hunt is not done by the Faroese to provide food for the community. The Faroese have sufficient food for the winter and health experts warn of eating too much pilot whale meat as they contain high concentrations of mercury.

Maybe there is no definite answer to what is wrong and right in this situation. However, the emotions evoked by the pictures of the hunt from non-Faroese does hint towards its inhumanity and cruelty. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

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  1. Myriam Monzavi says:

    Until we didn’t knew that, we were excusable to do nothing. But now, after seeing these horrible pictures, it’s unbelivable to let that doing again! We all want to save our planet, but those animals are a part of this planet! They have not any passport or nationality, they belong to all of us! They’re an important part of the biodiversity, and their being in the ocean is very important for all the oceans.
    Those men are sick, they must be in an asilyum! They deserve death penalty!

  2. faith says:

    Amazing when you think about what some human beings are capable of doing. And we wonder why there are serial killers roaming about . . . Maybe majority of us aren’t that civilized yet as they continue a tradition inherited from Vikings and barbarians.

  3. Jacob says:

    To the Faroe islands of Denmark, You S.O.B.

  4. dave says:

    pretty sad to think that some of those people really enjoy the ‘hunt’ in those blood-filled waters. to be fair, however, i have and will continue to eat plenty of burgers in my life, but probably wouldn’t be able to kill a cow unless i was starving. can i really condemn them for being able to do the dirty deed? if they just let the meat go to waste it would be a whole different matter, but it is apparently all used. that is not just killing for sport. i look forward to the day there is a cheap, good-tasting source of protein that never swam, grazed or flew.

  5. This is a very disgraceful thing.
    Never in my entire life have i ever seen something so gruesome and disturbing.
    This is a serious matter and more should be done about it.
    It should be a world wide law that it is illegal.

  6. Kyle says:

    All of you are probably fucking hypocrites. Have you NEVER eaten meat? Born and raised vegan? At least these people know what they are doing and eating when they pick up a piece of pilot whale meat. Get off your moral high horse. Dolphins are cute and social? Give me a break, they are also the only animal that rapes other species. If these people hunt at a rate which DOES NOT diminish the population then that is fine, the animals would be predated on by something else or starve or become sick, the later two I would rather be murdered then to go through. As for the line that animals don’t select specific species to prey upon: you have to be shitting me? All animals have preferred prey, if they were truly indiscriminate then foodwebs would be a lie. No one says a thing about the eskimos hunt for Bowhead whales.


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