Nov 11

Lindsay Lohan Talks More About Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan’s controversial relationship with celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson has been the subject of gossip for the past few months after the young singer/actress spilled the beans. There had been very few details about the relationship, but Lohan finally opened up in the new cover story for the December issue of Haper’s Bazaar.

Lindsay first divulged her relationship with Samantha during a phone-in to syndicated radio show “Loveline” in late September. In Harper’s Bazaar, revealing how much deeper her feelings for the DJ had grown. She also told the magazine that her family has been supportive of the relationship, except her father, Michael Lohan. Even her sister, Ali, offered her blessing and support despite initially denying to the press that Lindsay had a homosexual relationship.

Though Samantha was the first woman Lindsay had admitted to seeing publicly, she refused to confirm if she had been in a similar relationship before. However, she claims that she is not lesbian but feels it is possible that she is bisexual (huh?). She says that she does not want to classify herself to a specific gender since there is no telling what the future holds for her. What is important is that she is happy and is now taking charge of her life.

After her rehab stints last year, she also realized how much money she has thrown away. Now a little more mature at 22 and everything she has been through, she is prepared to take better care of herself and plans to buy her own house soon. She now has goals and is working hard to achieve them. She now believes she is on the right track.

I guess regardless of the kind of relationship a person is in, what matters is that you are happy. It doesn’t matter what people think. If that special someone in your life makes you feel good about yourself and makes you want to be better than what you are now, the whole world can go to hell with their opinion.

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