Nov 15

Rebecca Willis Gets $275K for Dirty Dancing

Rebecca Wilis, 64 years old, gets a settlement from Marshall, NC after suing the town for banning her from the Community Center for dirty dancing.  The incident happened 8 years ago when Willis, then 56 years old, was banned from the community center after she showed up in a very short skirt and danced obscenely with her partner.  Townsfolk claimed that her skirt was so short that it showed her underwear.  Willis claims she was exuberant and flamboyant while dancing, but patrons claimed she was gyrating and simulating sexual intercourse with her partner.

Following the ban, Willis sued the town for violating her Constitutional Right to equal protection under the 14th Amendment.  After the case was tossed around for 8 years, the town finally decided to settle and pay her $275,000 with the condition that she never return to the community center.

Would they ban a woman 30 years younger than her who would dance and dress the same way?  She may have been right about people violating her right to free expression.  However, I believe there are some things that are totally unacceptable and offensive that rights violation is inevitable.  I don’t have a picture of Willis in her mini skirt dancing.  But something tells me that the sight may actually be difficult to swallow.  Can you picture your grandmother wearing what she had on and dirty dancing? OMG!

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