Nov 20

Lemon Grass as Cancer Cure

While the medical community continues to search for the elusive cure to one of the most dreadful diseases that afflicts mankind, the answers may be exactly where God had intended them to be — in nature with no added chemicals or compounds. Many supposed miracle cures have emerged through the years, but none have been conclusively declared as the cure to cancer.

Everything began at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev when researchers discovered that the lemon aroma in herbs like lemon grass kills cancer cells in vitro but leaving healthy cells unharmed. The research team was led by Dr. Rivka Ofir and Prof. Yakov Weinstein from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the BGU. The key components that provide the lemony aroma and taste in herbal plants such as lemon grass, Melissa, and Verbena, is Citral. The study discovered that Citral causes cancer cells to commit suicide or what is called “apoptosis.” A drink with as little as one gram of lemon grass contains enough Citral to lead cancer cells into this programmed cell death in the test tube. Findings were published in the scientific journal “Planta Medica.”

Nobody knows for certain how it works, but the BGU scientists theorize that each cell in our body has a genetic program that causes cell death. It is this very program that Citral triggers with cancer cells. Because of this, fresh lemon grass fields in Israel are now the destination of cancer patients. Even doctors have began to recommend to their cancer patients drinking of at least 8 glasses of hot lemon grass tea. Some recommend it before their radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Regardless if the research is valid, drinking lemon grass tea is not harmful to the body. This is definitely an alternative treatment to cancer that is worth considering.

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  1. boon yoonkoo says:

    lemongrass cymbopogon citratus, a native of malaysia is used by natives centuries ago for food and medical purposes, that’s the reason why malaysians have a very low cancer rate,
    i suggest more patients to give a testimony on there experience on this humble plant

  2. faith says:

    Thanks for the comment. I also hope to get more testimonials about this new alternative cure. If it is indeed a cure, I hope businessmen will not take advantage and hike the price of this plant. At the moment, it is very cheap and affordable because it is easy to grow.

  3. boon yoonkoo says:

    since lemongrass is indigenous in malaysia,able to find some plants in almost every house backyard, can be planted in malaysia without any special expertise, natural resistant to pest, (lemongrass juice/extract is used as a pesticide in organic farming and used as a mosquito repellant)
    to keep costs low and affordable to everybody some scientist should do something before some big medical corporation patents lemongrass (extract/essense or in whatever form) to cure or fight cancer, i propose that any keen scientist should come to malaysia for their R/D.(there is some kind of grant given by malaysian govt in development of native plants)
    should any party keen, contact me through this blog and i will provide any asisstance needed.

  4. faith says:

    I just discovered they sell citral capsules at $19.98 for 100 capsules. This is what I meant by pharmaceutical companies hiking the price of herbal medicine when in fact these are very cheap. I suggest that those who are fighting cancer grow the plant in their backyard instead and boil these as tea everyday. Besides, nobody knows what else they put in those capsules. Better to use the natural form.

  5. boon yoonkoo says:

    capsules are for the rich, the poor should follow your
    great idea to have some lemongrass in their garden, planting is quite simple,grows on any soil, multiples quickly, divides the plants in 6 months,in a short time you will have so many plants you can start giving them away to friends who believe in preventive medicine.
    harvest the leaves for tea,use the bulb part as spice, crush/blend the whole plant and mix with alcohol to be use as massage medium as lemongrass have anaglesic properties.
    besides citronella(citral),… lemongrass also contains geraniol,myrcene…. any ideas??
    in malaysia, raw lemongrass(bulb part without leaves) cost USD1.50 per kg

  6. lisa says:

    I have 2 friends that have cancer and are doing chemo and wish they would at least try this tea but I get the oh no not again look when I mention anything that is natural any advice on how to get them to at least check this info out? Help!!

  7. faith says:

    It would be great if you can convince them to try it. It’s natural and there will be no harm in giving it a shot. A little faith goes a long way too. I always believe that the mind and the soul are always stronger than the physical body. I will put another post on possible natural cancel remedies, this time I think it is asparagus.

  8. bemz says:

    HI! I’m looking for information on how the lemongrass tea should be made. Is there a specific amount of the leaves and water to be used in making the tea? And is there a specific procedure in concocting the tea?
    I hope you can send to me your reply through my email address.
    Thank you very much.

  9. faith says:


    Sent the procedure to your email address. Just in case you didn’t get it and for those who want it also, here it is.

    * First boil water for the tea.

    * When the water has come to a rolling boil, turn off the heat.

    * Put in a long stalk/leaf of fresh lemon grass (cut into 3-4 pieces but this will depend on the size of the pot used for the water) and put these in the hot water.

    * Let the stalks/cut leaf stay in the water for a few minutes.

    * Pour the tea in a cup.

    * Add a tablespoon (or two) of honey. Stir.

    * Drink the tea while it is still warm.

    I don’t think there is any specific amount of leaves/stalk for each cup. It may depend on how strong you want it. I did see one recipe, but using dried lemon grass, where it indicates 1 tablespoon for every cup. I do suggest you use fresh lemon grass instead. I have a feeling that some nutrients may not be available already in the dried type.

    Thanks for visiting Certified Blogaholic.

  10. Frank says:

    I read a lot of articles about lemongrass’s effect on cancer. My brother has bladder CA metastasised to the lungs. He has done one session of chemo and he has been started on lemongrass now. Since we are in Southern India we were able to get the fresh ones quite easily. Just hoping he gets alright soon.

  11. faith says:

    I hope he does get well soon. It’s also good to remember that the mind has the power to heal the body. Keeping an open mind and believing most often creates the miracle. I look forward to seeing your post/comment someday telling us how well your brother is doing.

  12. che says:

    Hi Faith 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the procedure on how to make the lemon grass tea. I thought we are doing it right… we put the stalk/cut leaves in a pot and wait for it to boil. When the water turned into a tea-like color, we turned off the heat.Can this also do? Or it is better if we boil 1st the water before we put in the lemon grass?

    Please advice….
    Thank you,

  13. Michelle says:

    Greetings and blessings to all, I am a hodgkins lymphoma patient and I am trying the lemongrass avenue- my question is , can I blend distiller water and the lemongrass in the blender and then heat it up in a teapot? Is this the same as soaking the stalks or better, what do you think? Take care ..

  14. faith says:

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately. Based on what I read, it is better to let the stalks steep in hot water rather than boiling them. It does make sense because it is a common fact that cooking changes the make up of some food. So, I suggest you steep them fresh in the hot water rather than heating them directly with the water.

    And like I always say, keep a positive attitude, be happy, and laugh as much as you are able to — this seems to be the secret in most miracles.

  15. Greta says:


    Im running off to buy lemongrass right away. I’m just curious as to whether you should take off the outer leaves of the stalk or just use it all for the tea?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. faith says:

    Hi Greta,

    I’m pretty sure that the leaves and the stalk are included. Some actually use the stalk more for cooking and separate the leaves for tea. But to ensure you get all the nutrition, it would be best to use everything for the tea.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Lil says:

    I read somewhere that lemon grass is not good for people who have non Hodgkin’s lymphoma (anaplastic T cell lymphoma) because it causes the cancer cells to multiply instead of dying. This doesn’t happen with the other types of cancer only non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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