Nov 24

Release of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Means Free Dr. Pepper

After 15 years, Guns N Roses finally releases its long-awaited album Chinese Democracy. The album is expected to sell like pancakes as it makes history as the longest album ever in production. Adding to the hype and marketing is the free Dr. Pepper soda that will be given to everyone. Yes, that’s right. Believing that the band will not be able to release the album in 2008, Dr. Pepper promised in March free sodas for everyone if Chinese Democracy is released within 2008. The album will be exclusively available at Best Buy and ITunes.

Now, that’s what I call marketing. You think the soda company will lose money? Well, it will probably be one of their most expensive marketing campaigns, but the stunt could also prove to be profitable as Dr. Pepper is currently the most searched for word today in Google. I expect that the report will be in most blogs at the moment while having a Dr. Pepper in your hand will be the hottest fashion within the next few weeks.

You can register at and get your coupon for the free soda. Registration is available only today, so grab the opportunity now. However, traffic is said to be enormous and it will not be surprising if you find yourself waiting for your free coupon.

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