Nov 24

Vatican Newspapers Pardon John Lennon

More than 40 years after John Lennon declared that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, the Vatican newspapers apparently has granted its forgiveness to the blasphemy. Vatican press declared that the remark was nothing more than a young man’s boastful statement following sudden fame. The article went on to offer their praise to the pop band as it remembered the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ The White Album.

In 1966, Christians expressed outrage over the comment given by Lennon to a London newspaper. Some even burned the Beatles’ albums in huge pyres in the US. Now, everyone sees it as it is. It is no more than overconfidence and folly of youth — no more different than foolish remarks or actions done by current artists or musicians trying to be bigger than life.

Despite the controversies, the break-up, and the problems that band had gone through, it doesn’t change the fact that their music is considered one of the best in the industry. To date, many believe that no other band has reached their fame nor any can match the genius of Lennon and McCarthy in creating music. The murder of Lennon in 1980 has even added to the mystique. His widow, Yoko Ono, continues to reap rewards from her husband’s fame and success.

Of course, many artists now know better than to include any references to religion or race in any of their statements. At least, most of them have learned from the mistakes of earlier generations. However, it doesn’t preclude the fact that some who have experienced thousands of fans screaming and expressing adoration feel they are larger than life itself. Of course, later on they realize the truth as soon as the applause stops and they see their faces on tabloids with the skeletons in their closets out in the open.

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