Dec 10

TR Knight to Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Resources leaked that TR Knight, the actor that plays Dr. George O’Malley, is set to be released from his contract in Grey’s Anatomy. The 35-year old actor still has 3 years to go under his contract. However, he asked to be released as he is unhappy with the storyline.

ABC reps refuse to comment as the negotiation is till hush hush at the moment. TR Knight had previous issues with male co-stars who made jokes about the actor being gay. TR had always been open about his sexual orientation but felt maligned when his co-stars make fun of it.

I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy after the first season. The drama of medical doctors and their personal lives and love stories felt old to me. With TR Knight out of the show, I doubt the show will get more mileage than it should. Staring at McDreamy and his lovelife can get pretty tiring too.

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