Jan 06

Steve Jobs Sick With Hormonal Imbalance

Apple Jobs HealthSteve Jobs, Apple Inc. founder and Chief Executive, announced Monday that his doctors discovered a hormonal imbalance in his system that has been causing his weight loss.  The announcement came after rumors circulated that Jobs was in poor health.  Rumors actually started when Apple declared that Jobs would not be making his annual keynote address in the Macworld conference.  After surviving pancreatic cancer, many assumed the worst.

The 54-year old CEO said his treatment was relatively simple and he will remain at the helm of Apple.  He explains that the hormonal imbalance is robbing him of proteins that his body needs to be healthy.  This was confirmed by sophisticated bloodtest that he underwent.  As he now starts treatment, doctor’s anticipate that he will be able to recover his health by Spring.

The company’s board released a statement affirming their confidence in Jobs and that he will continue to lead the organization.

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