Jan 14

Guitar Hero III: Bestselling Video Game of All Time

guitar-hero-3Activision announced in the recent CES convention that sales of their popular Guitar Hero III have surpassed US$1 billion, the first ever video game to reach that mark. As a matter of fact, the company announced a year ago that their Guitar Hero franchise as a whole have already surpassed the US$1-billion mark. These include all versions of the game released since 2005.

However, Guitar Hero III sales are more astounding considering that it was able to accomplish the feat all its own in under years. Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith warns other media sectors that video games are poised to eclipse other segments of the entertainment industry.

Nevertheless, recording artists whose music was featured in the video games have also enjoyed a substantial increase in download sales. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Game was a big success for the rock band. Moreover, the games success have also driven the sales of actual guitars.

I guess the Mario Brothers will have to learn to play the guitar real soon.

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