Jan 21

Barack Obama’s Difficult Journey Starts Today


After the pomp and the celebration, the world is no longer interested in Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown or Barack Obama’s inaugural speech.  Today the 44th President of the US will start the hard work of raising the nation back on its feet.  The road ahead for the first African-American US president is a difficult one.  Yet, many believe that no man is better equipped for the job at hand.

In the latter part of 2008, the current economic depression ailing the US became real as several companies declared bankruptcy and millions lost their jobs.  Foreclosures were at a levels unforseen as the financial sector continued to slide.  While the Bush administration tried its remedies, their failure led to the imminent loss of the Republican bid to retain the presidency under its wing in the November 2008 US presidential elections. Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, won the mandate with a 53% win over John McCain.

Now, the fate of America rests on Obama’s shoulders as he tries to save the nation and at the same time prove to the world that leadership knows no race nor color.  It is a responsiblity that encompasses more than America, as the world looks upon the most powerful nation in the world to lead the way in economic recovery.

With expections on this black man so high, will he be able to hold up?  I believe this skinny kid was destined to make a change in the world.  And his time has come.  What is important for us to understand is that change will not happen overnight.  The economic crisis happened over a span of a couple of years.  It cannot be reversed with the blink of an eye.  Like many experts say, the worst is yet to come before things start to get better.  We have to work together and have faith.  And we have to stop the contracting of the economy.  We need to spend prudently and at the same time save a little money.  It can be done.

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