Feb 12

Weird Interview of Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

David Letterman has had weird interviews in his show. But his interview of Joaquin Phoenix last night was one for the books. Phoenix came in to promote his movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, Two Lovers. However, since his announced retirement from acting to venture into music, he seems to have lost himself somewhere.

Phoenix stayed on for over 10 minutes but mumbles through the interview saying “I don’t know” to most of Dave’s questions. The audience laughs most of the time, probably thinking that the interview was rehearsed to be funny. Offhand, I believe he may have been thrown off by Dave’s question about his fluffy beard at the start of the interview. His sunglasses make it difficult to ascertain his reactions, but it seems he was offended and continued to be offended with the audience laughing so much. On the other hand, since the audience seemed unaware of how he is taking everything, they continued to guffaw through most of the interview.

Dave, of course, did not make it easy for him and even makes it worse as the interview comes to an end. Dave ends the interview with, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.”

Here is the clip together with Phoenix sticking his gum under Dave’s table. Somewhere in there, you will hear him ask Dave what his audience is on to and what he gases them up with. I think the question would be more appropriately directed towards him.

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