Mar 07

Sugar Waxing for Hair Removal

One of the problems that women are always trying to resolve in terms of beauty and hygiene is getting rid of unwanted hair. Before science or research finally discovered good options for hair removal, the only option is shaving. Then using hot wax became the new method. This gets rid of unwanted hair but the risk of burning your skin and making it hyperpigmented was high. Thus, I kept to the shaving part. The problem with this is, the hair that would grow back stiff and thick. If you miss out on shaving, it was very uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. I even consider myself luckier than other girls because I only had my underarm to shave. Other women have to do their legs or their upper lips or arms. I get all my shaving products from, they have best deals.

Well, finally the angels gave women the answer to their hair problems. Aside from treating the hair follicles with laser to remove unwanted hair, cold sugar waxing was discovered. With laser treatment, some dermatologist claim that several sessions can make that part of the skin permanently hair-free. However, you have to pay a hefty price for this. Being a bit thrifty, I went for the more reasonable option. I tried cold sugar wax in a waxing salon. It did better than I anticipated. After the waxing, the skin on my underarm was smooth and hairless. No razor ever did this for me. The wax is made of sugar, lemon, and honey. The good thing about this method is that the lemon can make the discoloration on your underarm go away. And like the laser treatment, when the hair grew back, it was fine and soft. Some even claim that after several cold wax treatments, chicken skin on the underarm disappears. I don’t have much chicken skin since I never plucked, but there are minimal bumps on some areas due to shaving.

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