Mar 07

Tips for Colds and Cough

During the weekend, I caught a bad case of cold and cough.  I have been looking forward to some rest bu  ended up sleeping in bed most of the time with most of my taste buds useless.  I am feeling better now despite the continuously weird weather.   For those suffering the same fate, here’s how I managed to get better faster (though I’m uncertain if I should’ve made a slower recovery so I didn’t have to go to the office today).

1.  Take lots of citrus juice and water.  Taking lots of fluid will minimize stuffy nose and sinusitis. Even if you have to blow your nose every 10 minutes, it still leads to faster recovery.  It is also good to eat citrus fruits.

2.  Increase dosage of Vitamin C to 1000 mg.  Although there is no scientific basis for this, some say it is therapeutic.

3.  Rub liniment on your chest and back regularly.  Again, no doctor will support this.  However, when I put on Yee Tin Oil (Chinese herbal liniment), I don’t get dry cough (which is a killer for sound sleep) and my nose doesn’t get clogged.  All the yucky fluid in my nose and lungs are excreted — this is the objective of getting better instead of letting it dry up in your lungs.

4.  Stop acting like your sick.  If you act like you’re sick and lie around more than you should, you will really get more sick.  It is better to move around but avoid doing strenuous tasks.

As for the problem with the taste buds, I have no idea how to cure that.  Everything I eat taste like cardboard.  Even eating food with stronger flavors taste weird. I guess I will just have to wait this one out.

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