Mar 12

Jasmine and Jorge Eliminated in American Idol 2009


As the top 13 in American Idol 2009 performed the other night, only a handful seemed to show promise in making it through the next few weeks. Among those who received bad reviews from the judges were Megan, Jorge, and Anoop. And as expected, the top performers were Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.

Today’s show had voters eliminating Jasmine and Jorge who received the least number of votes. Although Jasmine did not disappoint the judges as much as Jorge, her lack of personality probably made viewers oblivious to her presence.

The judges likewise announced a new format during the elimination round. They now have the power to save a contestant who gets the least number of votes if they believe he/she deserves another chance. Should this happen, there will be 2 competitors eliminated for the succeeding performance to make up for the save. In today’s elimination, the judges decided not to use this option, believing that both Jasmine and Jorge did deserve to go packing home.

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