Mar 15

World’s Richest People for 2009

head11In view of the current economic crisis, the world’s top billionaires lost billions, but some still stayed on top of their game. Bill Bates lost $18 billion of his net worth but regains the top spot head2from Warren Buffet whose fortune fell by $25 billion as Berkshire Hathaway’s shares fell almost 50% the past year. There are now 793 in the list from 1,125 last year. The financial catastrophe the past year took 355 off the list while 18 died. The collective networth of this elite group also fell by $2 trillion and now only stands at $2.4 trillion from over $4 trillion last year.

The biggest loser this year is Indian billionaire Anil Ambani, last year’s biggest gainer, who lost $32 billion following the Indian stock market’s downfall by 44% and the Rupee’s depreciation by 18% against the dollar. India now cedes the top spot in Asia for billionaires to China who now has 28.

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